About Candlelight Dance Club


At Candlelight Dance Club, your private instructor will make you feel comfortable and confident within minutes of getting started on the first lesson. You can learn enough to go out and use it immediately. Ballroom dancing will change your life! You'll find, as everyone does, that dancing is easier then you thought it could be.

Here at Candlelight Dance Club we offer several different memberships and teach all types of dances. There's something to fit anyone and everyone.

Below are all the memberships that we offer to our students. If there are any questions as to which one would be best lease feel free to give us a call at 856-795-2277 and we would be glad to go over them with you.

Student Introductory Membership

A short-term membership that allows you an inexpensive opportunity to examine the club and your own ballroom dance intentions.

Basic Membership

The basic allows you to continue your education and build a more solid foundation in your ballroom dancing. This membership is ideal for those with a short-term goal in mind, such as preparing for a wedding or other special event.

Social Ease Membership

A great membership that includes a dancing program designed to quickly develop the average learner into a comfortable social dancer.

Awards Membership

Our finest and most popular membership that includes an advanced social dance program and enough social dancing events to satisfy anyone.

Limited Membership

A special membership for those who have satisfied their thirst for learning and want to sit back and enjoy the social whirl of the club.