Ballroom Dancing

Hints for Couples

Here at Candlelight Dance Club, we specialize in teaching couples how to dance. Teaching couples is different from teaching individuals and requires special care. Our teachers are trained to make learning fun and easy, but you can also help by remembering the following:

  • Let your teacher do the teaching. This means avoid finding fault with each other which can be distracting.
  • It's not how many steps you know, it's how you execute them (you always notice good dancers by how they move, not by how many patterns they do). Learning too many steps too soon results in bad habits and frustration at not executing them properly.
  • Through our experience teaching couples ballroom dancing, we have learned that men typically progress slower because they have more to do and tend to be more analytical or mechanical. Women on the other hand, feel movement quicker and therefore, THE LADY MUST REMEMBER TO BE PATIENT AND NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH TOO SOON.
  • It's important to keep your lessons close together and more importantly to use them in close conjunction with group lessons and practice lessons. Ideally, each visit should be scheduled to include more than one activity. This will aid your progress and help you gain more confidence in your dancing in a shorter period of time.
  • Communicate with your teacher so that he or she will know what to teach you and the way you like to be taught. The more we know about your dance needs, the better we can plan your lessons now and prepare your progress for the future.

Learning to ballroom dance is an investment that keeps on paying back. Of all the hobbies you may have, dancing is the one which will stay with you wherever you go for years to come!